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“MODERNI IZOLIACIJA” is a team of professionals offering construction solutions and consulting seeking building energy efficiency with the help of modern insulation materials and systems – PIR (polyisocyanurate), PF (phenolic foam), VIP (vacuum) insulation boards and other kit materials. Being pioneers of this market segment, we are always a step ahead. If you need a construction solution which was never used before in Lithuania – we will find it, offer it and help you to implement it!

“MODERNI IZOLIACIJA” cooperates with the most advanced innovative material manufacturers, for this reason, using their experience and quality, we offer innovative and energy efficient solutions in Lithuanian market.

Our professional team cooperates with major construction and real estate companies, best known architect and designer bureaus.

Our solutions and insulation materials help to reach the best results and benefit from them. Whether it would be projects in Vilnius or Kaunas Old Towns, where every saved centimeter becomes profitable square meters, whether it would be renovation projects seeking energy efficiency (A/A+/A++ class) or just new, modern constructions.

Having qualified construction engineers and technical supervisors in our team, we are capable to provide you the highest level solutions and consulting.

Thanks to its professionalism, “MODERNI IZOLIACIJA” is recognized and valued by insulation material manufacturers. For this reason, we are able to offer unique products and solutions which will help you to implement even the most complicated tasks.

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