Multi-Rend / MgO plokštė tinkuojamiems fasadams


Multi-rend is a premium BBA certified external render carrier board and is suitable for use in any location around the British Isles. It is faster to fit than a brick layer can lay a block and is the perfect substitute for masonry substrates on all domestic and commercial projects due to its superior attributes.

The heavily keyed surface of the Multi-rend board is perfectly designed and proven to successfully receive a wide range of finishes including various render types, paint, plaster and brickslips, making it the ideal choice for both internal and external applications. The boards must be fully dry and dust free prior to finishing with any type of finish.

The boards are used to form the external facades or projects which utilize timber, steel or hybrid frame structures. This achieves a strong, lightweight structure which can be erected in a fast and effective manner. Resistant’s high-performance render carrier board can benefit your project by providing a versatile and dynamic solution to your structure’s needs.

Multi-rend has also been extensively tested with regards to its reaction to fire, meaning it is suitable for use as a fire resistant board for solid fuel stove surrounds and other fire related applications.

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